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Is this what the new iPhone from 7?
The production has reportedly already begun, but official information about the iPhone 7, there is not. A designer is now based on current gossip as the upcoming Apple smartphone might look.
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Is this what the iPhone 7 in Black from?Full Screen
Is this what the iPhone 7 in Black from?
© Martin Hajek
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Black, Silver and Blue: The color palette may change when new iPhone again.Full Screen
The color palette may change when new iPhone again. The silver model is still an iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 blue and black should be added.
© Martin Hajek
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As the new iPhone 7 will look like, who knows so far only Apple. But finish the new device is long, the production has reportedly already begun in Asia. More and more components appear and give an impression of what to expect Apple fans in the fall. The design is based largely on the current iPhone 6s , only minor change - the antenna strips are now about discreet and migrate to the upper and lower edge of the case. In addition, there could be new variants in Space Black and Blue. How might look, the designer Martin Hajek shows in stunning 3D render images .
Which is presented iPhone 7 probably as always early to mid-September, along with the new operating system iOS 10 - and possibly the second generation of Apple Watch.
Two cameras, no handle

Also on the features is so far only rumored. The processor is of course faster and the camera will be better, the larger iPhone model gets even supposedly an innovative double clippers. According to many media reports, but deleted the headphone jack on all models. Headphones are then only connected via Bluetooth or Lightning connector with the iPhone. 7 For this, the device could also be again thinner and also waterproof.
What many fans should please: If you believe the rumors, will Apple increase the base memory. The smallest model would then have 32 gigabytes of storage space, yet it starts at 16 gigabytes. In times of high resolution photos and 4K videos but that is dimensioned extremely scarce. The top model could be up to 256 gigabytes of storage space offer. The lack of headphone jack on the underside of the iPhone 7 will have a stereo speakers. In the design of Martin Hajek this is but not yet seen.
As the finished iPhone 7 looks at the end, and whether it is ever called that, you will see in the fall.

iPhone 7